The Wind and The Sail on Martha Stewart Living!

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As many of you know, I’m the world’s biggest Martha Stewart Fan. She is a true inspiration. In my living room, stacked ever so lovingly in a tall column, is every single Martha Stewart Living Magazine ever printed. No lie. The stack is taller than I am and I am not a short girl. So, please if you will, imagine my squeal of excitement when a fine web editor sent me an email asking if I’d like to send her some of my plush toys to be featured on the website. I think I smiled even when I went to bed that night. A small part of my life’s wish had come true!


That’s our very own Mr. Alligator proudly strutting his stuff on the Living daily inspiration! (quite inspiring, don’t you think?!) This was the perfect way to round out the year. You won’t believe what’s coming in 2013!

2 thoughts on “The Wind and The Sail on Martha Stewart Living!

  1. Becki says:

    I have given your little animals as gifts and they are treasured by all! Looking forward to seeing you and your friends on her show or at an appearance!!

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